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Purchasing a property in Taos, New Mexico—or one of the several other charming towns in northern New Mexico—will likely be the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make. Whether this is your first purchase, or you’re an experienced buyer, it helps to have an expert in your corner who can provide insight into the Taos real estate market’s complexities.

For instance, in other markets you might not need to consider water rights, well sharing, or easements to access your property. These are just some of myriad critical considerations that are as unique to New Mexico as our mix of Native-American, Spanish, and Anglo cultures.

Vaughn Dearing | Qualifying Broker / Owner
—Craig and Nedra

—Craig and Nedra

“My wife and I work overseas on traveling yachts and have little time on shore for personal tasks… Vaughn worked around our schedule to make himself available for daily ‘hunting’ trips as he tirelessly drove us from location to location while explaining the pros and cons of each with a deep understanding of the area.

His advice as opinions were completely unbiased and I immediately felt comfortable as each visit narrowed closer to the home we were looking for. Once we found the home we wanted, we returned to work and continued the purchasing process by telephone and emails. Vaughn made multiple trips out to the location in our absence to assist with necessary surveys etc. and kept us well informed by pictures and telephone conversations. The normally frustrating process was made easy for us, as Vaughn took on the majority of all obstacles and found ways to overcome at each step. Our unique situation of completing the entire purchase process from overseas would be impossible without the knowledgeable and efficient assistance from Vaughn. Thank you, Vaughn, for making our dream a reality.”

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Vaughn Dearing and associates have the expertise to successfully guide you through these details and deliberations. Because we are deeply rooted in the community (through varied interests including the arts and outdoor activities), our team can provide access to property listings before they hit the general market coupled with the insight into which areas may best fit your needs.

After all, your house is not just your home—it is a serious investment in your future lifestyle.

Why Do You Want to Buy?

 The first step is identifying the reasons why you are looking to buy:

  •  Are you tired of paying rent and have finally decided to pay your own mortgage and not your landlord’s?
  •  Are you looking to create or beef up an investment portfolio?
  •  Are you seeking a vacation or rental property?
  •  Do you wish to change your overall lifestyle?
  •  Would you prefer to live in a special area for retirement?
  •  Have you outgrown your current home?

Having a clear sense of your reasons for buying will help us hone our search, creating greater efficiency and ultimately helping you choose the right property.

Has Your Income Grown?

Property ownership is an excellent investment whether you are looking for your dream home, a rental property, or to expand your investment portfolio.

More importantly, owning real estate in Taos, New Mexico, and environs is one of the least risky ways to build equity or to obtain a greater return on your initial investment as the area continues to grow (due in part to expansion and improvements at Taos Ski Valley).

What Are Your Priorities?

If you haven’t already created a priority list (e.g., location, views, acreage, etc.), never fear. It’s one of the first things that we will cover when we meet, whether it’s by phone or in person.

If you haven’t already explored the unique and diverse neighborhoods of Taos, and/or nearby towns, the second step will be a scouting outing to all four corners of our little slice of heaven.

Next Steps?

Call Vaughn at 575-776-8382 for more detail about any property that catches your eye in Taos or anywhere in northern New Mexico

Our speciality

Taos Adventure

Taos Adventure

Our sliver of northern New Mexico is an explorer’s dream, offering adventures of all kinds whether on Taos Ski Valley’s slopes, in the Rio Grande Gorge, or at nearby historical sites.
Taos Art

Taos Art

For more than 1,000 years—when the Tiwa settled Taos—until now, artists and artisans have found inspiration in our area’s mountains, skies, and endless vistas.
Taos Culture

Taos Culture

What makes Taos unique is its vibrant mix of three cultures–Native American, Spanish, and Anglo. This combination gives New Mexico a multi-dimensional character unlike any other.
Taos Lifestyle

Taos Lifestyle

Whether it’s toasting new friendships by a blazing fire—or having a savory, sophisticated meal after strolling the art galleries—you can find a more relaxing, balanced way of life here.

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